We have already established our Ice Cream is ethically strong, but equally our operation in processes, products, and manufacturing assist our carbon footprint too.
Everything you can eat here, is freshly prepared. When you use fresh ingredients in ice cream, there are many ingredients which need balancing each time to suit the flavour and texture. It's this skillful human touch that makes us artisan and therefore special.
Everything you eat here, follows our Kinder ethics, responsibly sourcing ingredients from sustainable suppliers We don't want to bang on about this but we ARE trying to reduce negative impact on the planet by working with more responsibly considered recipes. Starting with being plant-based. Little steps, people...little steps.
After 7 years of happiness we are now preparing to spread the joy, in the form of franchise opportunities. Please contact us for more info.
We live and work in Leigh-on-sea which was voted the happiest place to live in the UK by the Guardian (and that's a fact). Happy workers = delicious ice cream. YOU do the math!
Some of the kids who frequented Poco with their parents are now adults who WORK here! It's so nice to feel part of the community and in a really positive memory-making way. We love it.
We don't just produce ice cream for our parlour, we also work with and supply some of the finest restaurants in the industry. Want to know more? Take a look at our Collaborations.