Here at Poco, we’ve been devoted to creating delicious Ice Cream to be enjoyed by everyone, whilst trying to make the world a happier place along the way.  

Look, we're not judging. Choose to eat Poco ice cream because it's delicious. The fact that it's all vegan friendly is a huge bonus. We don’t do dairy, because we don’t need to.
Not everyone can eat everything, but everyone can eat our ice cream, as we make them without using the main 8 major food allergens. This means, No Nuts, Dairyfree, Soyfree, Eggless, Gluten Free, Soy free, Sea Life friendly.
We're not perfect but we are striving to be a kinder, more responsible producer and retailer. This means sourcing more sustainable ingredients from like-minded suppliers. This will always be an ongoing mission for us but it needs to be done and we want to do it.
Creamy, fresh & Natural tasting, our Ice cream is prepared with carefully sourced ingredients. Don’t just take our word for it, have a look at our Collaborations. These places are an awesome testament to how delicious our ice cream is.
At the heart of ethical food consumption is a plant based diet. By staying focused on this, we stand a better chance of delivering a product and service which can improve the world we live in.